The thought of indulging in the refreshing sweetness of ice cream in this hot and sultry summer is enough to make us rush to an ice cream parlour right away. One of the many great things about this frozen dessert is its variety of flavours. And if you happen to be a fan of more than one, we have some delicious news for you: a street-side shop in Mumbai serves an ice cream concoction consisting of 10 lip-smacking flavours. Tantalising our taste buds, a food vlogger has shared a video of this ‘Ten Flavour Rainbow Ice Cream’ on Instagram. We’re sure you’ll be in for a treat after watching it.
The video begins with a man slicing an oval-shaped slab of ice cream and placing it on a leafy plate. The green colour indicates it is pistachio-flavoured. On top of this, he adds a scoop of mango-flavoured ice cream, followed by a strawberry and chocolate scoop. Next, a delightful slice of dry fruit ice cream is added for a nutty essence. But that’s not all, dear sweet tooths! More flavourful ice cream slabs are incorporated into this single ice cream creation, creating a melty, tiered structure that almost resembles a burger. It certainly looks oh-so-appetising. The man then trims off any excess protruding parts before serving.
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Watch the full video here:

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Social media users were quick to react to the video. While some expressed their desire to give it a try, others pointed out hygiene flaws. One person labeled the tiered dessert an “Ice cream Burger.” “Honestly, tastiest and my favourite,” admitted a foodie. Another user showered nothing but “love” on the ice cream. In the midst of this, someone wrote, “Oh kulfi ice cream.” “Why can’t they just wear gloves?” asked a health-conscious individual. “Sugar with 10 different flavours,” pointed out another. An ice cream lover inquired about the cost of the dessert.

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