When it comes to making sustainable products from leftover food peels or everyday food scraps, it is all about thinking creatively and reducing waste. Whether it is turning fruit and vegetable peels into compost for your garden, creating natural cleaners from citrus leftovers, or finding innovative ways to repurpose kitchen scraps, the possibilities are endless. Embracing a sustainable mindset not only helps the environment but also opens up a world of DIY opportunities right in your kitchen. Now, two Dutch designers have taken sustainability to a whole new level by ingeniously creating leather from mango peels – something that would typically be discarded as waste. 

In a viral video, two designers from the Netherlands showed an innovative process of creating leather from mango skins. Rather than allowing mangoes — which are typically discarded into landfills —  to go to waste, they gather and remove the seeds, and then turn the fruit into puree. Natural additives are introduced to enhance the material’s protective and strengthening qualities. The puree is then uniformly spread, dehydrated into sheets, coated with a protective glaze, and embossed to mimic the appearance of authentic leather. This fruit leather, utilized in crafting shoes, bags, and watch straps, boasts qualities like complete waterproofing and is composed entirely of natural elements.

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In contrast, conventional leather production involves the release of harmful chemicals into the environment, contaminating water sources and posing substantial health risks to workers and local communities. Alternatives like mango-based fruit leather not only contribute to a safer environment but also combat food waste simultaneously. This innovative approach promises a more sustainable and secure future, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional leather manufacturing. 

Take a look:

The video has garnered an impressive 7.6 million views within just two weeks of being posted. One user commented under the post, “I’ll take this any day over “vegan leather” which is just plastic. This is so much better!!!,” while another user wrote, “I’ll 100% wear fruit leather.”

“Yesss, different fruit leather is amazing as well as cactus and mushroom leathers! You can literally grow leather! You do not need to kill unnecessarily,” a third comment read. 

“And not harming animals in the process. Perfect,” echoed another comment.

Someone jokingly asked, “But can you eat it when you’re done wearing it?”

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