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Ankita Lokhande acted as Munawar Faruqui’s defender, opposing Vicky Jain.

Ayesha Khan revealed the origins of her connection with Munawar Faruqui in the latest episode.

In the ongoing Bigg Boss 17, relationships among contestants are being put to the test, making the reality show increasingly intriguing. Ayesha Khan’s entry as a wildcard contestant drastically altered Munawar Faruqui’s behaviour and game plan, focusing attention on their relationship. The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode witnessed Ayesha revealing the origins of her connection with Munawar, stirring up complications. A task saw Munawar in a courtroom setting, where he faced interrogation about his bond with Ayesha and accusations of insincerity. Ankita Lokhande acted as Munawar’s defender, opposing Vicky Jain. Amidst a heated debate, Ayesha was called upon to share her perspective, shedding light on her initial encounter with Munawar.

Ayesha said, “When we first met at his house, we connected over poetry and during our entire conversation; he shared his family matters with me. This was our first meeting where he told me about everything related to his parents, the equation with his ex-wife, and he narrated the story of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, Nazila.”

Ayesha further added, “In a 3-4 hour conversation, both of us were in tears because we were discussing very sensitive topics. At that point, I could feel where things were heading and as they were going in that direction, I asked Munawar, ‘Is there anybody in your life who would be affected by knowing this?’ Munawar’s response was, ‘no.’ So, in my mind, it was clear that there was no one in his life who would have a problem with me staying there or continuing our relationship.”

The Bigg Boss 17 contestant then recounts receiving a call from Munawar Faruqui’s number. The caller, claiming to be his girlfriend, warned to stay away from him and offered to communicate through direct messages if there was any future contact. Although there was no further communication from Munawar’s end, this incident increased her frustration, leading to confusion about the situation. Munawar later explained the situation, admitting his mistake and denying being in a relationship with the caller. Trusting Munawar entirely, Ayesha initially believed his explanation, assuming he was telling her the truth.

Ayesha Khan continued to narrate that their conversations initially started normally. However, at a certain point, she began feeling that while she was fully invested; Munawar seemed to be contributing only 60 percent. She frequently asked him if he didn’t want the relationship anymore, claiming that she hadn’t become deeply involved despite her initial commitment. Despite her inquiries about contact with Nazila, Munawar denied any involvement. Suspicion arose for the first time when Ayesha posted a story, and Nazila was the first person to view the story, leading her to question why she was so interested if nothing was truly happening between them.

She further expressed that she confronted Munawar about the unhealthy nature of their situation. She held hope that once Munawar resolved his issues, things would improve between them and they never briefly ended their connection. While Munawar was engaged with his shows and she had travelled to Delhi, Ayesha felt triggered when she saw Nazila’s story featuring a guy she suspected to be Munawar. Concerned, Ayesha reached out to Munawar’s manager for clarification but received no proper response.

Later, Ayesha messaged Nazila directly and to her surprise, Nazila responded immediately. She discovered that Munawar was simultaneously texting both of them, which deeply shocked Ayesha. Feeling angered and betrayed, she warned Munawar of exposing the situation publicly. Eventually, Ayesha discussed Munawar’s two-timing on a podcast, which went to another level.

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