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Aishwarya broke down during the captaincy task.

Things got intense when egos clashed between Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya, culminating in a heated argument.

Bigg Boss 17 continues to captivate viewers with a blend of drama and conflicts unfolding among the contestants. In the latest episode, the focus was on the captaincy task. The house was split into teams led by Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain. Things got intense when egos clashed, particularly between couple Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya, culminating in a heated argument. Later, Aishwarya broke down, and Neil tried to comfort her. Strangely, his efforts made her angrier, and she asked him to back off and not touch her.

Bigg Boss gave a new captaincy task to replace Munawar Faruqui. The task involves dividing the house into two teams, and each team has to grab artificial apples from a tree. The team with the most approved apple boxes wins. During the task, Vicky Jain’s team won the task and Isha became the new captain of the house. This made Aishwarya, Neil, and other contestants upset, and asked Munawar to take a final call. Later, Aishwarya and Neil got into a major fight related to the task.

Aishwarya tells Neil, “I told you don’t let me go first to check the apples, I approved their boxes but Ankita fooled us. If Neil hadn’t forced me to go first, we would have won the task. I hate how Ankita acts, she is so fake.” Neil tries to calm her down and asks her not to cry. He tells her, “It is ok now, leave it. Stop dwelling over these things, it will be alright.” Aishwarya expressed her discomfort with Neil’s attempt to wipe away her tears and console her, stating, “Don’t do this to me, don’t touch me at the moment. It feels like you manhandle me, and I hate that. I know you love me a lot and can’t see me like this, but I don’t like certain things, please understand.”

Neil offered a sincere apology to Aishwarya and requested her to manage her emotions, but she remained adamant. Meanwhile, after the task, where Vicky’s team won the task, Bigg Boss instructed them to pick a captain from their team. Amidst differing opinions among the contestants, some supported Ankita, others chose Isha. Ultimately, Isha was unanimously chosen as the captain of the house.

The episode also saw a small argument between Anurag and Mannara. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, she sat alone on the lawn. Isha came to console her, advising Mannara to strengthen herself and establish clear boundaries with Anurag.

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