Cloud-based service to address verification of saleable returns under the latest DSCSA regulations.

In the midst of the latest Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) regulations, ACG Inspection, a track-and-trace solutions provider for the pharma industry, has launched its new cloud-based verification router service (VRS).

The new system, which is part of ACG’s Inspections Life Sciences Cloud Service and Compliance Gateway, allows for the automatic verification of saleable returns through product identifiers by routing requests and responses between stakeholders. Serialized products are given a unique identifier that can be used to track the product throughout its journey, giving wholesalers the opportunity to verify the authenticity of the products before they are resold.

“The regulations … will require all trading partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain to verify the identifier of any serialized drug product before redistributing it. ACG’s existing VeriShield solutions tackles the implementation and interoperability challenges faced at level 1, through to level 3,” says Shine Vijayan, ACG’s CTO. “With DSCSA’s regulation in place, ACG’s VRS covers level 4—helping pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers easily track and verify the saleable returns and secure their supply chain from counterfeit and substandard products.”

The system offers real-time verification, which can help boost operational efficiency and counteract supply chain delays. In an effort to deliver additional reliability, it provides scalability assurance with capabilities to handle larger volumes of serialized data. The aforementioned system also addresses security concerns.

“ACG works closely with its customers, helping to address their pain points – one of which being concerns around data security. Our VRS employs robust security measures to safeguard serialized product information, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data throughout the verification process.”


ACG Inspection launches new cloud-based offering to address upcoming VRS requirements under DSCSA regulations. ACG Inspection. News release via email. December 8, 2023. Accessed December 18, 2023.

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