This year’s PC Podcast episodes ranged in topic, from DSCSA compliance to pharmacovigilance.

With 10 episodes having gone live this year, The Pharmaceutical Podcast featured interviews with thought leaders from various sectors within the pharma industry, including Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) compliance, maintaining data privacy, and the benefits of drug safety platforms.

Below are the most popular PC Podcast episodes of the year (according to listens).

3. The DSCSA Overview

Gregg Gorniak, senior director of manufacturer operations & data services at Cencora, provides a history and overview of DSCSA, including how prepared the pharma supply chain is in successfully implementing its requirements.

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2. Safely Collecting Patient Data

Pete Stark, EVP of commercial strategy at Veeva Systems, a cloud-based software provider, digs into strategies for maintaining data privacy, and how data has transformed across the pharma industry.

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1. Using Pharmacovigilance Platforms to One’s Advantage

Updesh Dosanjh, practice leader for the pharmacovigilance (PV) technology solutions business unit at IQVIA, discusses the ways in which PV platforms decrease the time, expense, and risk involved in manual reporting, along with how technologies are impacting these types of workloads.

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