* “How Some Big Law Firms Can Afford Associate Salary Raises.” They make tons of money. That’s the secret. [Law.com]

* Florida AG begins official probe of college football for excluding Florida State from the playoffs in bid to squander even more taxpayer money on dumb publicity stunts. [WPTV]

* Meta used copyrighted material to train AI, which shouldn’t necessarily constitute a copyright violation but we’re going to have a lot of stupid litigation about how it is. [Reuters]

* DLA Piper stress testing artificial intelligence tools as it looks to the future. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trump rests in NY. Prepares to rage in Truth Social. [Law360]

* Now that Republicans no longer control the New York Court of Appeals, the state will undo its gerrymandered maps. [Washington Post]

* Charlie Adelson sentenced to life. [NBC News]

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